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HINTERGRUND-Eigentor mit Boateng - Fußball-EM wird AfD-Problem
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New challenges in European human resource management. Details Martin, A. Die Bildungsgesellschaft im Unternehmen?. Strategische Personalpolitik. Details Mayrhofer, Wolfgang, Hanel, U. Personalarbeit im Wandel. I am from Austria? Conceptualizations of careers and career success in Austria. In PhD Students Papers. Bonet, Eduard; Iglesias, Oriol, Gender egalitarian values, institutional equalization and role differences among female and male HR managers. Benson, Philip G.

In: Ricart et al.

What does Eigentore mean?

New organisational forms in Europe? A longitudinal study from HRM-perspective. Global HRM Conference. Managing in culturally heterogenous environment: a culture sensitive resource based view of the firm. Hugh Scullion. All equal? The importance of context - empirical evidence about male and female expatriates from the German clothing industry.

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Expatriation and the self- management of organisations. The consequences of different expatriation patterns for environmental scanning in organisations - a systems theoretical point of view.. Gunnigle, C. Brewster, M.

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From heaven to hell? The future role of functional specialists - conceptual and empirical considerations using the example of the human resource function. Female expatriates in international business. Empirical evidence from the German clothing industry. Christiane Erten. Human Resource Management and national culture - two birds that flock together?

Empirical evidence from 13 European countries. Empirical Evidence from 13 European Countries. Brewster und M. Communication and counsultation within European organisations: no place left for collective representation?. Paper presented at the international workshop on 'The impact of Strategy, Job Design, and organisationals structure on human resource management. Scenarios for the year Aparicio-Valverde, C. Soler, O. Learning Environments in European Organisations. New Actors in European Industrial Relations. Paper presented at the international conference on European Challenges of Work Flexibility Los retos europeos de la flexibilidad laboral , Barcelona, Spain, 7.

Ethnocentrism revisited. In defence of an 'out-dated' staffing approach in the European context. Paper presented at the workshop on international staffing and expatriate management, Cranfield, UK, September Details. Career aspirations and work values in transition: Macro-economic, socialization and life course effects. A helpful perspective on individual and organizational life. Conventions at work: The role of competent actors and form investments in accomplising coordination — A study on the work time reduction of hospital doctors.

Is the career capital of refugees welcome? The meaning of career success across people- vs. Young, Blue and Happy? Details Pernkopf, Katharina, Mayrhofer, Wolfgang. Being a good employer: varieties of HR value creation. Career as perspective. Career success and life satisfaction among blue collar young workers. Does faith matter for different dimensions of career success?

A country-comparative study. Refugees' Career Capital Welcome?

Its use and transformation by Afghanis and Syrians in Austria. Sustainable Career Success? Economic Prosperity and Views of Career Success. Context matters more than ever.

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Lauter unbekannte Wesen? Empirical results about the new generation on the labor market and consequences for human resource management. Mixed Signals? The Sound Of Silence? Using the AoM for devoeloping oneself and the field. Views on career success across the globe. Towards a multi-dimensional view of perceived career success in the D-A-CH region. First results of the 5C survey.

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So many roads to take - Career patterns of Austrian business school graduates. A multi-situational perspective on the study of strategic HRM: Contributions from convention theory. Comparative Career Research — an emerging field. Comparative HRM and convention theory.

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Oder: context matters — auch und gerade bei ideengeschichtlicher Rekonstruktion Those in the dark are invisible. Or: context matters — also and in particular when reconstructing the history of ideas. Ideengeschichte der Betriebswirtschaftslehre, Hamburg, Deutschland, HR practices during the Portuguese financial crisis. Invited comments on Stefan W. Konlechner, Gerald Eisenkopf, Wolfgang H. Managing HRM in Europe. The Cranet international observatory.

New Institutionalism - 11th Workshop. Of hedgehogs and foxes.